Some journal papers about the WTC on 9/11

Following are some journal papers about the WTC on 9/11 by structural engineers, fire safety engineers, and materials scientists. The list was compiled in April, 2006 by "senorpogo" at the JREF forum. His disclaimer: "In no way do I want to suggest that this list is exhaustive. Also, I have not read all these articles (I've read a few and skimmed most) so I cannot comment on their individual value. The aim is just to put together a bibliography of legitimate research."

A suggested cause of the fire-induced collapse of the World Trade Towers. By: Quintiere, J.G.; di Marzo, M.; Becker, R.. Fire Safety Journal, Oct2002, Vol. 37 Issue 7, p707, 10p.

Impact of the Boeing 767 Aircraft into the World Trade Center. By: Karim, Mohammed R.; Fatt, Michelle S. Hoo. Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Oct2005, Vol. 131 Issue 10, p1066-1072.

Could the world trade center have been modified to prevent its collapse?; Newland, D. E.; Cebon, D. Journal of Engineering Mechanics; 2002 Vol. 128 Issue 7, p795-800, 6p.

How did the WTC towers collapse? A new theory; Usmani, A. S.; Chung, Y. C.; Torero, J. L. Fire Safety Journal; 2003 Vol. 38, p501-533, 33p.

How the airplane wing cut through the exterior columns of the World Trade Center; Wierzbicki, T.; Teng, X. International Journal of Impact Engineering; 2003 Vol. 28, p601-625, 25p

Stability of the World Trade Center Twin Towers Structural Frame in Multiple Floor Fires. By: Usmani, A. S.. Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Jun2005, Vol. 131 Issue 6, p654-657.

Effect of insulation on the fire behaviour of steel floor trusses. Fire and Materials, 29:4, July/August 2005. pp. 181 - 194. Chang, Jeremy; Buchanan, Andrew H.; Moss, Peter J.

A simple model of the World Trade Center fireball dynamics. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 30:2, January, 2005. pp. 2247-2254. Baum, Howard R.; Rehm, Ronald G.

Reconnaissance and preliminary assessment of a damaged high-rise building near Ground Zero. The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings. 12 :5, 15 December 2003. pp. 371 - 391. Warn, Gordon; Berman, Jeffrey; Whittaker, Andrew; Bruneau, Michel

Structural Responses of World Trade Center under Aircraft Attacks. Omika, Yukihiro.; Fukuzawa, Eiji.; Koshika, Norihide. Journal of Structural Engineering v. 131 no1 (January 2005) p. 6-15

The Structural Steel of the World Trade Center Towers. Gayle, Frank W.; Banovic, Stephen W.; Foecke, Tim. Advanced Materials & Processes v. 162 no10 (October 2004) p. 37-9

WTC Findings Uphold Structural Design. Post, Nadine M. ENR v. 253 no17 (November 1 2004) p. 10-11

Small list of Engineers

MIT scientists:

Eduardo Kausel
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering - MIT
* C.E. 1967, University of Chile
* M.S. 1972, MIT
* Sc.D. 1974, MIT

John E. Fernandez
Associate Professor of Building Technology - MIT
1989--MArch, Princeton University
1985--BSAD, MIT
Awards or Positions:
2003--Honorable Mention, International Competition for the Design of Ephemeral Structures
2002--Hass Award: Laminated Glass Research
2002--Class of 1957 Career Development Professorship
2001--Graduate Student Council Award for Teaching
2001--American Collegiate Schools of Architecture, Service Award for Conference Co-Chair of the 2000 ACSA Technology Conference
2000--3M Innovation Award
1998--New York City AIA: Design Citation, Columbia University Law School with Polshek and Partners
1998--New York State AIA: Design Citation, Columbia University Law School with Polshek and Partners
1998--New York State AIA: Design Citation, New York Times Printing Plant with Polshek and Partners
1988--Master's Thesis Prize, Princeton University, School of Architecture: Butler Traveling Fellowship

Tomasz Wierzbicki
Professor of Applied Mechanics Director, Impact and Crashworthiness Laboratory - MIT
Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics, 1965 Institute of Fundamental Technological
Research, Warsaw, Poland
S.M. in Engine Design, 1960 Warsaw Technical University, Warsaw, Poland
B.S. I took a unified program that led directly to the Master of Science
Awards or Positions:
Maximilian T. Huber Award for the best work in Mechanics, Polish Academy of Sciences, 1974
Chairman of the Euromech Colloquium No. 121 on "Dynamics and Crushing of Plastic Structures", 1978
Chairman of the Summer School on "Dynamics of Plastic Structures", International Center for Mechanical Sciences, Udine, Italy, 1979
Polish Academy of Sciences award for the book "Design of Structures to Dynamic Loads", 1979
Co-chair, First International Symposium, "Structural Crashworthiness", UK, 1983
Co-chair, Second International Symposium, "Structural Failure", Cambridge, MA, 1988
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Senior US Scientist Award, 1988-1989
Co-chair, Third International Symposium, "Structural Crashworthiness and Failure", UK, 1993
Member of the Editorial Boards of the International Journal of Impact Engineering and International Journal of Vehicle Design

Liang Xue
Ph.D. Candidate of Mechanical Engineering - MIT
BS in Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1994
BS in Computer Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1994
MS in Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1997
MS in Ocean Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003
Awards or Positions:
Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Award, 2006;
Ziqiang Award , 1997 ;
Guanghua Award , 1996 ;
Outstanding Graduate , 1994 ;
Outstanding Performance Award , 1991-4;
Model Student , 1993 ;
Outstanding Student , 1992

Meg Hendry-Brogan
Ocean Engineering Graduate Student - MIT

Ahmed F. Ghoniem
Professor of Mechanical Engineering - MIT
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, July 1973, Cairo University, Egypt
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, October 1975, Cairo University, Egypt
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, June 1980 , University of California, Berkeley
Awards or Positions:
Sep. 83 - Current Department Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
Sep. 84 - Sep. 87 Department Graduate Committee
Department Graduate Advisor
Sep. 85 - Sep. 90 Mathematics Minor Advisor
Sep. 85 - June 86 Department Seminar Chairman
Sep. 87 - Sept. 88 Department Admission Committee
Sep. 90 - Current Computers in Education
Nov. 91 - Jan. 92 Ad hoc Committee on Promotion
1991 –1992 Committee to establish PEEER
Jan. 92 Current Department Admissions Committee
Jan. 90 - May 94 SAL Seminar Series
Jan. 94 - June 94 Search Committee Chair
Jan. 94 - 1995 Ad hoc Committee on the Core Development
Jan. 94 - Current Space Committee
Sep. 95 - June 98 Committee on Undergraduate Programs
June 96 - Current Head of Thermo Fluids Sciences Division
Sep 99 - Sep 00 Committee on Curricula, member
Sep 00 Committee on Curricula, Chair

Oral Buyukozturk
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering - MIT
* Ph.D. 1970, Cornell University
* M.S. 1969, Cornell University
* M.S.C.E. 1963, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey
Awards or Positions:
Infrastructure Science and Technology Group

Franz-Josef Ulm
Professor of Engineering Mechanics and Materials - MIT
* Diplom Ingenieur (M.Sc.) 1990, TU Munich
* Docteur-Ingenieur (Ph.D.) 1994, ENPC, Paris
* Habilitation 1998, ENS de Cachan

Yossi Sheffi
Professor of Engineering Systems - MIT
B.Sc. Technion in Israel - 1975
S.M. - MIT, 1977
Ph.D - MIT 1978
Awards or Positions:
Director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics
Founder: MIT Master of Engineering in Logistics program
Founder: MIT:Zaragoza Program
Plaza2006 Award
Distinguished Service Award (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) - 1997
Life Fellow of Cambridge University's Clare Hall College


NIST scientists:

Dr. H.S. Lew – Senior Research Engineer. PhD Civil Engineering, BS in Architectural Engineering. ASCE Fellow.
With NIST: Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Building and Fire Research.
(his full profile)

Richard W. Bukowski – Senior Research Engineer. BSc Electrical Engineering.
With NIST: Co-ordinator of Building and Fire Research Lab.
(his full profile)

Dr. Fahim H. Sadek – PhD Mechanical Engineering SMU
With NIST: Research Structural Engineer
(his full profile)

Dr. Frank W. Gayle – PhD Metallurgy MIT, MSc Materials Science, BSc Civil Engineering.
(his full profile)

Dr. David D. Evans – PhD in Engineering (Fire protection)

Dr. William Grosshandler – PhD Mechanical Engineering UC Berkley
With NIST: Head of Building and Fire Research
(his full profile)

Dr. Richard G. Gann – PhD Physical Chemistry MIT
With NIST: Senior Research Scientist – Integrated Performance Assessment
(his full profile)

Dr. John L. Gross – PhD Structural Engineering, BSc/MSc Civil Engineering Cornell
With NIST: Research Engineer – Materials and Construction Research Division
(his full profile)

Dr. Therese P. McAllister – PhD Structural Engineering John Hopkins
With NIST: Senior Structural Engineer.
(her full profile)

Jason D. Averill – MSc Structural Engineering (working on PhD) John Hopkins
With NIST: Research Engineer
(his full profile)

J. Randall Lawson – BA, BSc Industrial Education, AA Computer Science and Math
With NIST: General Physical Scientist
(his full profile)

Shyam Sunder, Sc.D.
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, B. Tech., (Honors), Civil Engineering, 1977
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.M., Civil Engineering, 1979
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sc.D., Structural Engineering, 1981

James Quintiere, Ph.D. professor of engineering, University of Maryland
Educated as a mechanical engineer
B.S. degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology (1962)
M.S. (1966), Ph.D. (1970) from New York University.


FEMA/ASCE Pentagon Team Scientists/Engineers

Mete A. Sozen, Ph.D., S.E.
Kettlehut Distinguished Professor of Structural Engineering, Purdue University
Specialty: Behavior of reinforced-concrete structures

Paul F. Mlakar, Ph.D., P.E.
Team Leader
Technical Director, Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Specialty: Blast-resistant design

Donald O. Dusenberry, P.E.
Principal, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc.
Specialty: Blast effects and structural design

James R. Harris, Ph.D., P.E.
Principal, J.R. Harris & Company
Specialty: Structural engineering

Long T. Phan, Ph.D., P.E.
Research Structural Engineer, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Specialty: Concrete, structural and fire engineering

Gerald Haynes, P.E.
Fire Protection Engineer, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Specialty: Fire protection

FEMA/ASCE WTC Team Scientists/Engineers

W. Gene Corley, Ph.D., P.E., Lead
Senior Vice President
Construction Technologies Laboratories, Skokie, Illinois
Expert in building collapse investigations; principal investigator, Murrah Federal Office Building Study.

William Baker, P.E., S.E. Partner
Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP
Expert in tall-building design.

Jonathan Barnett, Ph.D.
Professor, Center for Fire Safety Studies
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts
Expert in building fire safety design and fire computer modeling.

David T. Biggs, P.E.
Ryan-Biggs Associates, Troy, New York
Expert in facades.

Bill Coulbourne, P.E., S.E.
URS Corporation, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Edward M. DePaola, P.E.
Severud Associates Consulting Engineers, New York, New York
Expert in structural engineering.

Robert F. Duval
Senior Fire Investigator
National Fire Protection Association
Expert in fire investigations.

Dan Eschenasy
Chief, Structural Engineering
City of New York
Dept of Design and Construction

John T. Fisher, P.E.
Joseph T. Stuart Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Expert in metallurgy and connections.

Richard G. Gewain
Senior Engineer
Hughes Associates, Inc., Baltimore
Expert in fire engineering.

Ramon Gilsanz
Managing Partner
Gilsanz Murray Steficek, New York, New York
Expert in structural engineering.

John L. Gross, Ph.D., P.E.
Structural Systems and Design Group Building and Fire Research Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Expert in steel design and fire-structure interaction.

Ronald Hamburger, P.E., S.E.
Senior Vice President
EQE Structural Engineers Division, ABS Consulting, Belmont, California
Expert in structural analysis and design.

Nestor Iwankiw
Vice President, Engineering and Research
American Institute for Steel Construction, Chicago, Illinois
Expert in steel design.

Venkatesh Kodur, Ph.D., P.E.
Institute for Research in Construction
National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Expert in fire effects on materials.

Eric Letvin
Department Head, Hazards Engineering Group
Greenhorne & O'Mara, Greenbelt, Maryland

Jon Magnusson, P.E.
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Skilling Ward Magnusson Barkshire, Inc., Seattle, Washington
Expert in structural analysis and high-rise design.

Christopher E. Marrion, P.E.
Fire Strategist
Arup Fire, New York, New York
Expert in fire engineering.

Therese P. McAllister, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Structural Engineer
Greenhorne & O'Mara, Greenbelt, Maryland

James Milke, Ph. D., P.E.
Professor, Department of Fire Protection Engineering
University of Maryland
Expert in fire resistance analysis.

Harold E. "Bud" Nelson
Senior Research Engineer
Hughes Associates, Inc.

James A. Rossberg, P.E.
Director, Structural Engineering Institute
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Reston, Virginia

Saw-Teen See, P.E.
Managing Partner
Leslie E. Robertson Associates, New York, New York
Expert in structural analysis and high-rise design.

Robert Smilowitz
Weidlinger Associates, New York, New York
Expert in blast effects.

Bruce Swiren
Hurricane Program Manager, Region II
Federal Emergency Management Agency, New York, New York

Paul Tertell, P.E.
Program Manager, Building Performance Assessment Team
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, D.C.


Allyn E. Kilsheimer, P.E. CEO, KCE Structural Engineers PC
(first structural engineer to arrive at Pentagon crash site)

Christoph Hoffmann, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer Science - Purdue
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1974.
(worked on comp models of Pentagon)

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